A Little Bit About Me

Hi there!

My name is Jonathan, I am 33 and have worked in IT for many years… But let’s start with the beginning.

I was born in Uccle (Belgium) the 16th of February 1981. When I was 3 weeks old, my parents moved to Congo (it was Zaïre at that time) and I grew up there (to the age of 10). It was such a magic place! In ’91, my parents moved back to Belgium due to the start of the civil war. I continued school in Brussels, Ottignies and Wavre. I travelled with my family in France and Spain a lot when I was a teenager.

After too much time spent in High school (9 instead of 6… Outch! Too much Counter-Strike and Red Faction), I did a Bachelor in Computer Sciences. Then I started to work as a “computer guy” for a small business company where I had to fix computers and servers. After a few years I quit and I started to work for a small consulting company where I got specialised in SharePoint. To summarise what SharePoint is: Imagine one of your folders in your “my documents” that you can access from your web browser. Put some fluffy features on top. Tadaaam! You know what it is now (Some people will probably “kill me” after this but who cares ? :P).

Anyway, after a few years of beautiful hard working weeks and high quality relationships with my colleagues and friends, I decided to leave my home country for Australia. I have now been living in Sydney for few years and being a foreigner is not always easy job, but I will get by. Australia is a really nice country, most of the people are friendly and polite compared to Belgium and France. If you have the opportunity to fly down under. Don’t miss it!

Why this blog?

I look back and I don’t really remember what I did in the past. I do not clearly see what tomorrow will look like. As you know the ticker is running so I decided to write down what I want to do before I kick the bucket. That’s it! I will publish what I do and share my “adventure” with anyone who wants to read my blog or to share a coffee :)

Did I miss something?

If you think that something is missing on my bucket list. Feel free to send me an email: jonathan{.}martiat{@}gmail{.}com. (Don’t forget to remove the brackets!)


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